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Posted on Monday, November 26, 2012 | Monday, November 26, 2012

PT. Inti Brunel Teknindo is the sole agent for Brunel Energy (www.brunelenergy.net), provides specialist personnel to the international oil & gas, petrochemical, power generation and construction industries. Our clients are predominantly major operating companies and international engineering or construction companies. We have a global network with local market knowledge in 97 locations around the world. Currently, our clientsare looking for some positions based in Indonesia.

Company : Major Operator Company
Employment Status : Contract
Work Location : Jakarta/Cepu
Availability join request : soon
Salary : N/A
Closing date of advertisement : 1 week
Open for : National (Indonesian)

Position :

1. I & C Package Engineer


  • Reports To : MICC Lead Engineer
  • Positions Supervised : None


The Instrument & Controls Package Engineer - FF works in close cooperation with the MICC Lead Engineer, I&C Electrical Engineer Specialist, and the Mechanical Package Engineers to help coordinate the instrumentation and controls engineering elements of the Project as it pertains to packaged equipment. This position ensures that the Project's requirements, as detailed in the technical specifications, for instrumentation and controlsengineering are carried out in a professional and timely fashion. The engineer assists in the stewardship of all instrumentation and controls engineering aspects of the Project with other discipline leads on the PMT, as necessary. The position interfaces among the BU Project Team disciplines, MICC organization, and the EPC contractor's organization with respect to instrumentation, FAT / Integration Testing and Packaged Equipment PLCs to ensure quality and minimize change orders. For instrument related activities, the position helps to oversee the work of the Main Instrumentation and Controls Contractor (MICC) Project Manager and organization which is subcontracted to the EPC.

  • Assists in providing instrumentation and control engineering technical leadership and expertise
  • Assists in coordinating the package equipment suppliers I&C design with the MICC including:
  • Instrumentation engineering
  • Development of instrumentation logic and loop diagrams
  • Supplier’s schedule with respect to I&C deliverables
  • Coordinating the packaged equipment PLCs
  • Ensuring INtools requirements clearly defined with a format/structure that meets Operations, MICC and EPC needs
  • Review, evaluate, and advise EPC contractor with respect to:
  • Instrument specifications, logic and loop diagrams
  • Compliance with design methods and safety factors to be used in design of project
  • Design correctness, compliance, and operability
  • Operability of the unit or plant for start-up, normal, turndown, and shutdown modes. Reviews or sets design basis for abnormal operating conditions
  • Ensuring that Suppliers comply with all standards, specifications and drawings specified in the Contract
  • Participate in I&C technical specification preparation and Hazard and Operability Reviews (HAZOP)
  • Participate in packaged equipment related FAT's (eg. Metering packages, etc.) as required
  • Provide support to site construction and completions teams
  • Provide support to operations during startup
  • Manage instrumentation and controls related lessons learned for the project


  • Knowledge of industry and ExxonMobil (preferable):
  • Instrumentation engineering principles, theories, and concepts
  • Applicable codes, standards, and trade practices
  • Knowledge and experience in the selection and application of instrumentation hardware
  • Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering or Engineering Technology
  • 7+ years of closely related professional engineering experience
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office suite, Lotus Notes, Smart Plant Instrumentation (INtools), etc.
  • Read, write, and speak fluent English, especially as it applies to technical communications
  • Ability to adapt to tight deadlines, heavy workloads, and frequent changes in priorities

2. Spread Superintendent

  • Reports To : Construction Lead Export System
  • Positions Supervised : Inspection Lead Spread, Spread Inspector Pipeline

  • Oversee the execution of fabrication, construction, hookup, and mechanical completion of the structure and facilities
  • Coordinate activities of Site Safety Advisor and technical and inspection personnel
  • Monitor and appraise contractor construction activities and performance
  • Determine corrective actions needed in order to meet project objectives and work to have these implemented
  • Coordinate interfaces and interactions with contractors and subcontractors, and with operations and drilling personnel on site
  • Report progress, performance, initiatives, issues, and challenges to Site Manager


  • Promote safety awareness and safe performance among project team members, including consultants and contractor personnel
  • Provide input to and review development of contractor’s detailed plans to complete the work
  • Monitor and appraise contractor’s performance and recommend corrective action to be taken where deficiencies are detected; verify actions are taken
  • Coordinate resolution of production and technical issues with appropriate company and contractor resources on and off-site
  • Establish, implement, and maintain mechanical completion verification plan and process
  • Ensure appropriate Material Handling and Working Environment reviews are carried out at site and that findings are resolved and implemented by contractor
  • Liaise with on-site Operations, Drilling, and functional personnel regarding planning and implementation of fabrication, construction, and mechanical completion activities
  • Participate in lessons learned reviews and provide input to close-out report sections upon completion of work
  • Administer the execution of the contract, including interpretations to the contract
  • Review change requests and change assessments in accordance with Management of Change Plan
  • Provide input to appraisal process for assigned site personnel

  • BS/MS in Engineering
  • 5-10 years experience

3. Contract Assistant


  • Reports to : EPC4 Contracts Specialist
  • Positions Supervised : None


Assist the EPCA during the tendering and contracting process. Also may assist the CA in administering EPC contracts. The job is an entry point for development to move into a buyer or PSA position.


  • Developing Tender Documents:
  • Help identify templates and go-by’s
  • Establish and manage the LAN directory
  • Assist in document preparation (editing, typing, incorporating comments and changes, managing the master copy)
  • Format and standardize documents
  • Coordinate reviews with functional experts
  • Assist with translations
Tender and Contract Development Process:
  • Coordinate placing of media announcements
  • Issue invitations to bidders and coordinate issuing and receipt of bid documents
  • Assist in reviewing Administrative submittals
  • Handle correspondence with bidders and proper documentation
  • Establish files and ensure compliance with filing requirements
  • Arrange review and clarification meetings
  • Track exceptions and status of MCL’s replies to such requests
  • Conform documents as required
  • Coordinate functional reviews
  • Assist in preparing award recommendation documents

Contract Execution (optional):
  • Establish procurement correspondence procedures
  • Establish procurement files
  • Handle correspondence with contractor
  • Assist in review of monthly reports, expediting reports and inspection reports
  • Assist in verifying and processing invoices


  • College Degree
  • Experience working in Procurement or other business function
  • Ability to be certified in PTK-007
4. Commissioning Deck System


  • Reports To : Commissioning Lead – Offshore Facilities
  • Positions Supervised : None


The Commissioning Specialist – Deck Systems reports to the Commissioning Lead – Offshore Facilities, and his scope of work includes EPC 3 and 4 Projects . The Specialist primary function is to collaborate with the EPC Contractors to develop project commissioning plans and procedures for systems and equipment associated with Deck equipment and systems, and to execute project commissioning programs under the leadership of the Commissioning Lead.

The Specialist shall provide oversight and assists in the execution of the commissioning and turnover programs and supports all Systems Completion activities from Construction through Stable Operations phase. The Specialist shall act as an SME (Subject Matter Expert) in the discipline specific commissioning activities. The Specialist is responsible to provide guidance, training, and oversight within his discipline regarding Commissioning planning and execution to the PT Organization and Contractor’s Systems Completion Organization.

RESPONSIBILITY AND DUTIES (Including but not limited to) :

  • Provide support and guidance to the EPC Contractors in the development of project specific Systems Completions Plan.
  • Provide support in the installation and operation of a computerized Completion Management System (CMS) database for tracking, certification, and quality control purposes. Monitor the CMS database of engineering parameters, check sheets, and verification criteria.
  • Involve Operations representatives in commissioning planning and execution. Ensure Operations personnel are familiarized with plant equipment and systems according to the requirements the Operability Management Plan.
  • During Detail Design phase, under the direction of the Commissioning Lead and in collaboration with the EPC contractors:
  • Provide guidance to EPC Contractors to ensure proper planning of Commissioning activities and alignment of execution planning with PT and Operations.
  • Prepare all commissioning deliverables including Turnover and Completion Packages (TCP's), work packs, check-sheets, Systems Boundary drawings, Systems Description, Minimum Equipment Testing Matrix, commissioning procedures, Preservation/De-preservation Plans and Procedures, Completion Dossiers, Final Systems List and Priorities, commissioning spares, First Fills, commissioning consumables, temporary equipment for commissioning, etc.
  • Create a Vendor Support Register for commissioning activities including timely mobilization and demobilization dates. Liaise with Start-Up Lead to integrate commissioning and start-up vendor support requirements
  • During Construction, Commissioning and Start-Up phases, under the direction of the Commissioning Lead and in collaboration with the EPC contractors:
  • Provide onsite safety leadership to ensuring safe execution of commissioning activities and participate in PT safety initiatives
  • Execute FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) plan and procedures and ensure that Contractors document the execution of FAT and upload the FAT results into the project CMS database.
  • Provide guidance and participate in Commissioning activities during Construction Completion, Static Commissioning, Dynamic Commissioning and Turnover of Systems.
  • Provide guidance and participate in the execution of discipline specific commissioning procedures, TCP’s and work packs and ensure that they are executed in accordance with the Systems Completion specifications. Assist with trouble-shooting of systems and processes when required.
  • Provide guidance and participate in the execution of Systems Completion acceptance processes including walk-downs and punch list activities
  • Provide commissioning input for Safety and Operability reviews
  • Review Startup and Operating manuals and provide input
  • Provide timely recommendations in regard to contingency plans and changing schedules.
  • Provide support to the Start-Up Team in the planning and execution of the facilities start-up and performance test
  • Assist in coordinating workshops to capture lesson learned


Work Experiences and Qualifications:

  • A minimum of 15 years relevant work experience in Engineering, Construction or Commissioning of deck equipment and systems in ships/oil tankers, including a minimum of 5 years work experience in FPSO/FSO conversion and build-up with extensive exposure to ship deck equipment and systems.
  • Direct "hands on" experience in project commissioning activities of similar size and complexity.
  • Proven expertise in Deck equipment and systems including ship anchor and mooring systems, mooring support vessels, crane and winches, life craft, fast rescue vessel, crude oil wash systems, foam systems, export piping systems, inert gas venting systems, crude storage system, and other ship deck equipment and systems.
  • Excellent working knowledge of mechanical equipment, piping detail, civil works, and broad-knowledge of site specific mechanical systems.
  • Strong working knowledge of deck equipment control systems combined with good trouble-shooting skills.
  • Working knowledge of industry practices, processes, and expectations with respect to mechanical equipment, piping, electrical, instrumentation and control systems completions and commissioning.
  • Practical experienced in an H2S environment.
  • Offshore work experience in an FPSO/FSO conversion and/or build up is a must.
  • Overseas experience desirable, but not required.
  • Demonstrated excellent interpersonal skills and communication skills with the ability to interact effectively with project personnel.
  • Ability to work in harsh environments and in stressful situations.
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office suite and other related softwares
  • Demonstrated willingness to relocate to engineering office site, shipyard site, installation site and other work sites as required for the Banyu Urip offshore projects completion/commissioning. 
5. Schedule Engineer

  • Reports To : Controls Lead Export System
  • Positions Supervised : None


Use application of systems and methods for project planning


  • Overall control of review and analysis of different levels of schedules for onshore pipeline prepared by EPC Contractor. Responsible for Company’s feedback on schedule improvement scenarios and recovery plans, considering the complexities of installation of pipeline on difficult terrains.
  • Review Contractor’s Project Control Procedures to ensure that Company’s requirements are fully met.
  • Review of Contractor’s progress measurement philosophy and provide suggestion on representation of realistic progress. Review and verification of Contractor’s Progress reports for accuracy of progress measurement and audit the same on regular basis.
  • Prepare and compile Monthly Progress report for submission to PCL, PM, and Project Controls Home Office Support Group
  • Work with the Project Control Lead for day-to-day project control activities like preparation of manpower forecasts, various reports and presentations to PM, and Project Controls Home Office Support Group. Review and analyzing Contractor’s resource mobilization plan and identifying suggested improvements. Establish resource productivity measurement system and analyze the same on regular basis vis-à-vis mobilization plan.
  • Review and comment on schedules & project control procedures being submitted by different bidder’s as part of the bid evaluation process.
  • Independently prepare schedules for execution of onshore pipeline projects using ExxonMobil tools and/or third-party data
  • Prepare planning & schedule input to Estimate Confidence Packages and Project Plans for Classified Estimates
  • Steward EPC schedule through Development and Execution
  • Generate schedule reports for various EPC components (long lead equipment, fab yard preparation, etc)
  • Able to participate in reviews / analysis of classified schedules
  • Identifies vulnerabilities and formulates appropriate mitigation plans
  • Evaluate and collate details of Contractor’s schedule delays and compile lessons learnt.


  • Bachelor/Master of Science in Engineering.
  • Good written and oral communication skills.
  • Good interpersonal skills, ability to work with others.
  • 10 years of project experience related to major Oil & Gas EPC projects specifically related to execution of onshore pipeline projects, including 8 years in Project Scheduling and Project Controls
  • Proficient in the usage of PRIMAVERA (P3) / MS PROJECT / ARTEMIS - Project Planning Software
  • Good exposure to Project engineering, Project procurement and Construction methods
  • Excellent Computer Skills

6. I & C Lead Inspector

  • Reports To : Site Quality Coordinator (340)
  • Positions Supervised : None


  • Performs quality surveillance activities in accordance with project quality plan an site surveillance plan.
  • Implement quality surveillance and inspection activities at contractor’s, sub-contractors’ vendors’ and suppliers’ site.
  • Performs site inspection and verification of requirements
  • Review and evaluate contractor’s record and files for accuracy and completeness.
  • Keep site quality coordinator updated with actions and quality isses.
  • Supervises the contractor during the construction phase of the project, specifically the Controls and instrumentation system engineering activities during construction and commissioning phase of the project.
  • Overseas the work of the Main Instrumentation and controls contractor (MICC) and his organization.
  • Stewards the interfaces among the PMT, MICC organization and EPC contractor’s organization with respect to I&C to ensure quality and minimize change orders.


  • Ensure that the Controls and instrumentation system activities are carried out in strict compliance with the project specification.
  • Provides overall instrumentation and controls engineering technical leadership and expertise.
  • Administer the execution of the contract including interpretations to the contract
  • Promote safety awareness and safe performance among project team members, including consultants and contractor personnel.
  • Perform quality surveillance activities in accordance with the project quality plan and surveillance plan
  • Assure that required inspection methods are performed properly and maintain daily log of activities.
  • Attend and contribute to site and project technical meetings as necessary
  • Work with Site Quality Coordinator to address site inspection and verification requirements
  • Keep Site Quality Coordinator informed of work status, quality issues, initiatives, issues, challenges and corrective actions needed to meet project objectives.
  • Review change request and change assessments in accordance with the management of change process
  • Participate in lessons learned reviews and provide input to close-out reports sections upon completions of work.
  • Review contractor, vendor and supplier’s completion files for accuracy and completeness.
  • Review original material certificates for compliance to codes and specifications
  • Stewards the MICC and EPC contractor’s activities with respect to:
  • Measurement and reporting of physical progress
  • Selection, specification and inspection of I&C components
  • I&C estimates for weight control reports
  • Assist and contribute to resolution of technical queries relating to I& C engineering activities. Brings to the attention of both the DCS/Instrument Engineering any significant concerns regarding the EPC Contractor’s or vendor’s performance which includes quality control, schedule control and scope of supply.
  • Prepare and submit monthly progress data including narratives, charts, graphs etc. to the Site Quality Coordinator
  • Provide feedback and liaison with project engineering group.
  • Review, evaluate and advise:
  • Instrument specifications, logic and loop diagrams
  • Completed design for correctness, compliance and operability.
  • Shop tests and factory tests protocols
  • Support project at completion and handover stage.
  • Communicates with other PMT instrument and control system engineers to ensure coverage for other PMT instrumentation and control system engineers when they re absent from the EPC Contractor’s office.

  • Bachelor of Science in Engineering or Engineering Technology.
  • Thorough and extensive knowledge of:
  • I&C engineering principles, theories and concepts
  • Acceptable codes, standards and trade practices
  • Thorough knowledge and expert judgement in selection and application of I&C hardware
  • Familiarity with Trains 1 and 2 ICIMS Information and Control Systems.
  • Technical understanding of state- of- the- art control system and information system technology.
  • Minimum of 5- 10 years technical experience in control systems discipline and have at least five years (5) specific experience working with an EPC Contractor on a large capital project.
  • Experience with large scale distributed control systems and programmable electronic shutdown designs for major onshore/offshore petrochemical facilities
  • Experience with worldwide suppliers of instrumentation, DCS and other digital control, communications and networked subsystems.
  • Experience with contractors, vendors, and implementation sub contractors in instrumentation, communications, DCS and other digital control and networked subsystems.
  • experience with hierarchical information and control system structure comprised of networked digital control, shutdown and control and information subsystems, as applied to major onshore and offshore facilities
  • Read, write and speak fluent English, especially asi it applies to technical communication
  • Ability to adapt to tight deadlines, heavy workloads and frequent changes to priorities. 

Please send update resume (word & not more than 200 KB) to: resume@brunel.co.id with specific “position” in subject of email. For example, “Mooring Tower Engineer”.

Only shortlisted candidate will be process on next step.